Performance Information

The winter performances will be here before you know it! We have four performances (two dance recitals, one Primary/Preschool & Private Lesson recital, and a Day At The Pound Musical performance.) 


These shows allow students to demonstrate what they have been working on in their classes.  This document will provide you with all of the information you will need.  After reading it, you must fill out the online contract on google forms by Friday, October 29th.  Here is the link: 


We know that there is a lot of information here, but it is all important.  Please keep this letter in a safe place until the show is over, as you will want to refer to it as the performances near.  If you have any questions about the shows, please call or email the studio.  




ALL PERFORMANCES are at the Petaluma Veteran’s Auditorium, next to Petaluma Bowling Alley: The address is 1094 Petaluma Blvd. South.

Day At The Pound Performance:

  • Friday, January 21st, 6pm 


Primary, Preschool and Private Lesson Recital:

  • Saturday, January 22nd,  11am


Dance Recitals: 

  • Saturday, January 22nd 2pm & 6pm



Day At The Pound Performance: Friday, January 21st, 6pm 

  • Thursday Day at the Pound Class

  • Saturday Day at the Pound Class


Primary, Preschool & Private Lesson Recital: Saturday, January 22nd,  11am

  • Kids Jazz & Hip Hop

  • Primary Dance

  • Primary Broadway

  • Preschool Dance

  • Private Lessons

Dance Recitals: Saturday, January 22nd 2pm & 6pm

  • Elementary Dance & Broadway

  • Middle School Dance

  • High School Dance A 

  • High School Dance B

  • Triple Threat

  • Intermediate Tap

  • Middle School Ballet Monday & Saturdays

  • High School Ballet Monday & Saturdays

  • Elite Competition

  • Premiere Competition

  • Pointe 1

  • Pointe 2



Dress Rehearsals: January 17-20

Location:  Rhythms Performing Arts

During the week before the performances, January 17 - 20, we will have dress rehearsals - all will be held at the Rhythms studio.  Students will need to bring their full costume (including shoes and tights) to rehearsal so that they can practice in costume.  They do not need to do hair and makeup at dress rehearsal, unless specially requested by the instructor.  


Below we have listed each rehearsal time.  However, this is NOT the show order.  We will let you know the actual rehearsal and show lineups later.  


Monday, January 17:


At Rhythms Performing Arts



Tuesday, January 18:

At Rhythms Performing Arts


  • Primary Broadway

  • Primary Dance



  • High School Dance

  • Elite Competition

  • Premiere Competition

  • Production Competition

  • Pointe 1 (Saturdays)

  • Pointe 2 (Saturdays)

  • Pointe 1/2 (Mondays)

  • High School Ballet (Mondays)

  • Saturday Ballet

Wednesday, January 19:

At Rhythms Performing Arts


  • Kids Jazz/HH

  • Preschool Dance

  • Private Lessons



  • Elementary Dance and Broadway

  • Middle School Dance

  • Intermediate Tap

  • Middle School Ballet (Mondays)

  • Triple Threat

Thursday, January 20:

At Rhythms Performing Arts


  • Day At The Pound Rehearsal



FRIDAY, January 21st, At Petaluma Vets Auditorium


Day at the Pound Performance:

4:00pm- Performers arrive in costume.

4:00-5:30pm- Dress Rehearsal on stage

5:30-6:00pm- Performers break

5:30pm:  Door open to audience members

6:00pm- Day at the Pound Performance

SATURDAY, January 22nd, At Petaluma Vets Auditorium


Primary, Preschool and Private Lesson Recital:

9:30am:  Theater opens for performers

9:30am-10:30am:  Walk through spots onstage

10:30-11:00am:  Performers break

10:30am:  Doors open to audience members

11:00am:  Primary, Preschool and Private Lesson Recital


Dance Recital A:

12:30pm: Theater open for dancers (Please do not come any earlier than this because we have another show beforehand and will be cleaning up from that will not be able to come in until 12:30pm)

12:45-1:30pm: Charity dance rehearsal on stage

1:30pm: Doors open to audience members

2:00-3:15pm: Dance Recital A Show

3:15pm:  Dancers excused for lunch break after cleaning up their area


Dancers should leave and return later for the second show.  There will not be supervision at the theater so dancers are not allowed to stay in between.  


Dance Recital B:

5pm:  Dancers return 

5:30pm: Doors open to audience members

6:00-7:15pm: Dance Recital B Show

Dancers are excused after cleaning up which usually takes 20-30 minutes

PRODUCTION FEE AND CONTRACT:  All costs for these shows have been included in your monthly tuition so no additional fees need to be paid. 

We ask that everyone fills out the contract to let us know that your child will be performing and that you’ve read all the necessary information.  You need to fill out one google form per student; if you have multiple students in your family, please fill out one form for each student.


Here is the link to the online contract: 

You must submit this online form by Friday, October 29th.  Late contracts will be charged a $20 late fee IF they are allowed to participate. 


Each year we have the students choose a special charity that they would like to raise money for.  We will pass around baskets during the shows to collect money for the charity and also donate a portion of the ticket sales.  If you’d like to suggest a worthy charity, please email the studio.  


To participate in the Charity Dance, dancers MUST ATTEND THE MANDATORY REHEARSAL on Monday, January 17th from 4:30-7pm and before the shows on Saturday, January 22nd from 12:45pm-1:30pm.  The Charity Dance will be performed at the end of the show in each dance recital.  Dancers must be in 3rd grade or above to participate.


Dancers can sign up to be in the Charity Dance in our online contract.  



Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.  Tickets are not sold at the studio.  Tickets are $15 to each show.  Children 5 and under may attend for free if they sit in a parent’s lap.  Tickets may be purchased online beginning on Monday, January 3rd.  We will send out a link at that time and will include Covid Protocols.




Students will be borrowing costumes and accessories from the studio.  There may be some items that each individual class will need to provide like black leggings or a black spaghetti strapped leotard.  We will be sending home a detailed costume list in mid December. 




We will be posting a video of the show on YouTube in the weeks to follow the show.   


On the contract, you can also order flowers for your special performer. Flowers can only be purchased in advance.



Every Rhythms family is required to volunteer for one of the performances.  The volunteer sign up will go out in December with the costume requirements. 


 If you choose not to volunteer, you can also opt out by paying an additional fee of $25.  



After the shows, students will not be allowed to leave until the theatre is completely cleaned up.  All personal items must be put into students’ bags, garbage must be picked up, and the room straightened.  Having the students clean up after their show is an important part of learning to be a good performer.  We believe that it teaches the students to work as a team and be responsible.  We hope you will help us by reminding your students about this policy.



Classes will resume as normal on Monday, January 24th. 




Submit by Friday, October 29th!  Remember contracts turned in after October 22nd will be charged at extra $20.




  • October 29: Recital Contracts Due

  • January 3: Tickets go on Sale

  • January 17: Charity Dance Rehearsal (optional)

  • January 18-20: Dress Rehearsal Week

  • January 21: Day at the Pound Show

  • January 22: Primary/Pre-School and Private Lesson Show, Dance Recitals

  • January 24: Classes continue as usual, Spring Session Begins