Each member of our staff at Rhythms has been hand picked for their expertise, positive attitude, love of children, and enthusiasm for their craft. They are all incredibly dedicated and love their jobs!

Kate Kenyon



A Novato Native and graduate of Chapman University, Kate earned her bachelor’s degree in both dance and primary education.  She performed for several years with the Young Americans, a professional non-profit show choir.  Kate loves all things Broadway and finds there is nothing more gratifying than belting out a great showtune in her car!  Kate's dog Waffles is a fixture at the studio and can be seen following her around during most of the classes.  

When not at Rhythms, you can find her jet setting around the world (she's up to 25 countries) or possibly glueing rhinestones onto whatever object she can find!  She loves her job at Rhythms and thinks it is just about magical as Disneyland (her second favorite place on Earth after Rhythms)!  Each student holds a special place in her heart, and she looks forward to going to work everyday!  

Amanda Nelson

Owner, Bookkeeper


A UC Santa Barbara graduate in Vocal Performance, Amanda's passion for music led her to four fantastic years as the Youth Program Director/Conductor of Singers Marin. Now, she channels that expertise into co-directing all the show-stopping Rhythms musicals and molding the next generation of stage stars with Rhythms kids.


While she's had her time in the spotlight, currently Amanda is taking a brief hiatus from performing in musicals to focus on her most important roles—being an awesome mom to Jasper and Wyatt. When not orchestrating musical brilliance, you'll find her cheering on the Warriors, basking in the magic of rainbows and unicorns, and spreading the joy of singing bravely. Join Amanda's classes, private lessons, or musicals for a symphony of laughter, learning, and the courage to hit those high notes!

Megan Ochoa-Fountain

Director of Operations


Dancing through Novato since her tiny toes could tap, Megan's journey includes a high school symphony of musicals, show choirs, and standout dance performances, crowned with the title of Outstanding Dancer at San Marin High School.


Now, Megan orchestrates the administrative magic at Rhythms Performing Arts, bringing her passion for the arts into the behind-the-scenes spotlight. When not managing the rhythm of Rhythms, you'll find her spreading cheer at Lighthouse Christian Church as the Office Manager and Sunday School teacher.


Married to Omar and mom to the adorable Asher (plus a furry friend, Cali-Anne), Megan is the embodiment of optimism, friendliness, and hard work. She's the warm smile greeting you at Rhythms, making every student feel right at home.


Bri Holmes



Bri is new to our staff!  She is awesome!

Camilla Rossi

Instructor, Competition Coach


Meet Camilla, the dance prodigy turned cookie connoisseur, and proud Rhythms alumni! 

From the tender age of 5 to the fabulous 18, Camilla's dance journey at Rhythms is practically a legend! Not content with just dancing, she stepped up as a junior instructor during high school, bringing her passion to the forefront until she graduated in 2021.

With dance styles as diverse as her cookie flavors (tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and more!), Now a college sophomore, she's back in action, teaching and spreading the Rhythms magic.


But wait, there's more to this dancing dynamo—when not choreographing moves, Camilla is busy whipping up and selling the most delicious Crumbl Cookies. She's not just serving up dance moves; she's dishing out delectable treats too! As if that wasn't enough, she's the brains behind coaching all three of our dance teams, diving headfirst into the dance competition world.Join Camilla for a dance class that's as sweet as her cookies and as smooth as her dance moves! 


Deanna Dubinin



Having honed her skills at Rhythms, the Obrien Center of the Arts, and SRJC, Deanna holds an associates degree in dance from Santa Rosa Junior College – she's not just a dancer; she's got the moves and the degree to prove it!  Deanna's all about those strong connections dancers forge and the unstoppable self-confidence that dance unfurls. When not orchestrating dance magic, she's busy serenading on the saxophone, stitching up stylish creations, or unleashing her gym expertise to help you break a sweat.


Currently, Deanna is delving into the science of movement, pursuing kinesiology at San Francisco State University. Join her dance class for a mix of expertise, laughter, and moves that'll have you grooving to the beat of confidence and joy!


Jo Iverson


Meet Jo, our dance enthusiast who kickstarted her journey at age eight, fueled by a worn-out VHS tape of George Balanchine's The Nutcracker! Trained by ballet legends Tamara Statkoun and Gina Ness, After a graceful pivot to modern and contemporary styles at Santa Rosa Junior College, Jo became a founding force in SRJC's Touring Dance Company, touring for four fabulous years. Her moves even wowed national audiences in Gala performances at ACDA conferences in 2019 and 2023!  Currently waltzing through UC Berkeley on a full scholarship, Jo is pursuing her BA in Dance and Performance Studies. Passionate about dance as a joyful journey, she focuses on technique that nurtures the body, breaks down mental blocks, and reminds everyone that dance isn't always that serious! 



Jo is married to a fellow dancer and choreographer, Samuel Iversen-Browne, and they live together in Oakland with their two cats, Mia and Maple. She loves coffee, red lipstick, and long drives with a great Spotify playlist! 

Megan Wien

Junior Instructor

Megan has been a dancer as long as she can remember and finds lots of joy through dancing. Her dancing has mostly been ballet training but she has found a love of all styles while dancing at Rhythms. She loves spreading that love and joy to the kids she teaches. She goes to school at Novato High school and is in the MSA creative writing program! In addition to dance and school, she spends lots of time volunteering and helping the community. Megan volunteers at other studios and schools around Novato and helps them put on their shows and musicals. She also spreads awareness about juvenile diabetes and is an advocate for those with the disease and their families. She volunteers with the JDRF who fund and support finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. She loves dance more than anything, and hopes to be a teacher for the rest of her life, because she believes nothing is more special than sharing your passion with others!!

Pepper King

Junior Instructor

Pepper is new to our staff; she is awesome!

Rosalie Schroeder


From high school dance captain to six years of dazzling performances at Santa Rosa Junior College, Rosalie has been unstoppable on the dance floor. Whether perfecting her technique or stealing the show at ACDA, she sets stages ablaze!


Why dance? According to Rosalie, it's for everyone! Her joy is seeing the unique dance moves that are as one-of-a-kind as each one of her students. When she takes a break from dancing, you'll find Rosalie nose-deep in Stephen King's latest thriller, perfecting her pickle-making prowess, or having a purr-fect time with her feline friend, Mitski.

The Voice of Rhythms