Rhythms Junior Competition Team 2023-2024



Read all the info below.  

Click below to sign up online to audition (listed under special events on May 26th)


Print the following document and bring the last page with you to auditions.




Your child may soon be auditioning for the 2023 Rhythms Junior Competition Team.  Being in competition is a year long commitment, a great learning experience, a wonderful way to make new friends, and a ton of fun!  This group is a way for our younger kids to get a taste of the professionalism of being on a competition team without quite as much intensity and more fun and learning.


Before we hold auditions, we want to explain more about our plans for Junior Competition this year and the commitment the Junior Competition members would be making.  



What is Junior Competition Team?


Junior Competition Team is an opportunity for those students who want to perform more, be a leader in our studio community, and get to spend more time with their Rhythms friends.  The group will compete at two regional competitions, do one community show, and two Rhythms shows.  This group will focus on dancing, however if we have a lot of kids who love to sing we may incorporate a little singing as well.


Our audition is open to all levels of expertise; once we see who auditions we will select kids that will form a cohesive group.  Although most performers do improve their technique throughout the year, that is not the aim of competition.  This is why we require students to take other classes to work on their technique.  Junior competition team members instead get very good at learning to adapt to every new venue and situation.  


Who Can Audition for Junior Competition Team

Students entering grades 3-7 in September 2023


We will cast students in the group who we feel are ready for the group based on their ability, maturity, interest, and commitment level.  We need at least 7 students to make the team in order for us to have junior competition team.



Students who wish to audition for junior competition team must sign up using link below by Thursday, May 25th. 


AUDITION SIGN UP (listed under special events on May 26th)


Audition Date and Time: Friday, May 26th from 4:15-5:30pm


What to Wear: dance clothes and jazz shoes


What We Will Do: cross-floors (turns, leaps, pirouettes, etc.), and a jazz dance combo.  


If you cannot attend auditions: Please email the studio.  


The Junior Competition Team will be announced June 6th.  We will send out an email to everyone who auditioned and their parents with the list of dancers who will be in next year’s Junior Competition Team.  





Junior Competition rehearsals will be 1 hour per week beginning the week of September 5th.  We will let you know as soon as possible about the day and time of rehearsals.   We will follow the schedule of the studio and take the same weeks off.


They will get to attend two regional dance competitions and compete two numbers at each one.  Competitions will be on the following days:


Mar 1-3 or 8-10


May 17-19


They will also get to perform at least 1 local show (ie retirement homes, malls, or local events).  


They will also get to perform in a couple of our Rhythms shows.  

Winter Recital - January 20, 2024

Competition Showcase - June 1, 2024


Company Fees


What your Company Fees Include:


       Weekly rehearsals for the year

1 local performance

2 competitions - compete two dances at each

Costumes (company members will keep their costumes)

Jr Competition piece of apparel

Staff Event Expenses (for staff wages during shows)

Admin Fees (prep and organization time for coaches, staff, and bookkeeping)



Your total fee for junior competition team is $630

This fee will be divided up for monthly payments over 9 months: $70 per month (September through May) 


Fee Policies:

The junior competition fee is non-refundable.  If a student cannot finish out the year, you still owe the full $630 fee.  Quitting competition is not allowed.  It is very difficult on the group as a whole and teaches your child that they don’t need to fulfill the commitments they make.



Competition Requirements and Expectations


Each junior competition member is required to take the following:

2.5 hours of Rhythms classes per week (not including competition rehearsal)


The Rhythms musical in fall AND spring and at least one 45 minute dance class at Rhythms


Good attendance is a must.  If we feel that a student misses too many classes, they will not be allowed to attend competition.


Junior competition members are expected to be kind and considerate to every other competition team member.  In competition we are ALL friends regardless of which classes we take, how old we are, or what school we attend.


We believe that Competition team members should be good role models for our other students and carry themselves in a respectful manner at all times.  They should be good representatives of Rhythms Performing Arts and represent our studio in a positive way.  This means that these dancers must participate 100% in all of their dance classes, be kind to fellow students, helpful to their teachers, and hardworking at all times.  Being a Company member is an honor and a privilege and should not be taken for granted.