Rhythms Competition Team 2023-2024



Read all the info below.  

Click below to sign up online to audition (listed under special events on May 23)


Print the following document and bring the last page with you to auditions.





Next year we are planning to have two teams which will be divided by age and ability.  After auditions we will be casting the teams to make the most cohesive groups.





AUGUST BOOT CAMP: (Dates are still tentative but this is the plan)

$300 not included in competition fees (20 hours of rehearsal)

August 19 & 20, 2-5pm (Sat & Sun)

August 26 & 27, 2-5pm (Sat & Sun)

August 28-31, (Mon-Thur, time possibly 5:30-7:30pm)


If you have conflicts during the listed times you must let us know at auditions.  You may not be allowed to be in numbers or may not make the team if you miss these rehearsals.



Regular weekly rehearsals will run from September-May.

Both teams will rehearse on Tuesday nights for 2 hours per week in the fall/winter & 1hr per week in the spring. The week before competitions rehearsal will be extended to 2 hours.  If you have a time constraint on Tuesdays you must let us know at auditions.


We will not have rehearsals during weeks when we do not have regular Rhythms classes.  We have budgeted for 32 rehearsals throughout the year.



Competition Calendar


Calendar, Subject to Change:


September 15-17: Mandatory Retreat

January 20: Winter Recital

February 2-4: 1st competition

March 1-3 or 8-10: 2nd competition

April 5-7 (First weekend of NUSD Spring Break): 3rd competition

May 17-19: 4th competition

June 1 & 2 - Competition Showcase and Recital


We will be competing at 4 competitions.


Competition Team is a YEAR LONG COMMITMENT.  The 10 month competition fee is non-refundable.  If a student cannot finish out the year, you still owe this monthly fee.  Quitting competition team is not an option.  It is very difficult on the group as a whole and teaches your child that they don’t need to fulfill the commitments they make.



Competition Fees

The competition team costs $140 per month and will be paid August-May (10 months).  We run competition at no profit to the studio.  We only charge you to cover the costs.


This breaks down to about:

75% competition fees (does not go to studio at all)

10% coaching fees

15% costume fees 


Your Competition Fees include:

  • Weekly competition rehearsal fee
  • Four competitions with four competition dances for each dancer
  • Admin fees, and staff event expenses
  • Costume fees 

What your Competition Fees DO NOT INCLUDE:

  • Travel Fees for hotel nights at competitions (may or may not be necessary).  
  • August Competition Boot Camp - $300 (required)
  • Retreat (we are still looking into details and are trying to keep this to under $250, will be due in July)
  • Solos, Duos, or Trios
  • Team Jacket (If you have one from last year then you don't need a new one)

Fee Policies:


The 10 month competition fee is non-refundable.  If a student cannot finish out the year, you still owe this monthly fee.  



Competition Team Requirements and Expectations

    • 4 weekly dance classes at Rhythms (not including competition rehearsal or production class);  One of your classes must be ballet or stretch/turn/leap
      • OR
    • Or if you do the fall and spring musicals, you can take 3 weekly dance classes at Rhythms (again not including competition rehearsal or production class);  One of your classes must be ballet or stretch/turn/leap
    • Take the Middle School Dance Class plus either Stretch/Turn/Leap or Ballet
      • OR...
    • Or if you do a musical, you can take 3 weekly dance classes at Rhythms (not including competition rehearsal or production class);  One of your classes must be middle school dance, ballet or stretch/turn/leap
  • You must be signed up for your classes by August 15. 
  • Good attendance and punctuality  is a must.  If a student misses more than 4 rehearsals or is significantly late more than 4 times, they will not be allowed to compete at the next competition.
  • All students are required to attend all competition classes and competitions.  It is imperative that the dancers attend EVERY competition.  We cannot re-stage if a student cannot attend.  Last year, this was an issue.  This year, it will not be tolerated.  If you miss a competition due to anything other than sickness or injury, you will not be allowed to attend the next competition either.
  • Dancers must sign up for Competition Boot Camp.  See details above.
  • Dancers must attend the retreat on September 15-17, or September 29-Oct 1
  • A zero tolerance policy is taken when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Any Competition team members found using these substances, during a competition event or otherwise, will face severe consequences and removal from the Competition Team.
  • Competition team members are expected to be kind and considerate to every other student at Rhythms. We are ALL friends at Rhythms regardless of which classes we take, how old we are, or what school we attend.
  • Students may be monitored on social media.  Anything that is not allowed inside Rhythms will also not be allowed on social media.  That means we do not say negative things about the studio or anyone at the studio online… even in a joking way.  Be respectful and kind even online.  You are also not allowed to post any photos or posts that are vulgar or dangerous in any way.  The coaches reserve the right to remove students from the team who we feel are not being appropriate online.
  • We believe that Competition Team members should be good role models for our other students and carry themselves in a respectful manner at all times.  They should be good representatives of Rhythms Performing Arts and represent our studio in a positive way.  This means that these students must participate 100% in all of their classes, be kind to fellow students, helpful to their teachers, and hardworking at all times.  Being a competition team member is an honor and a privilege and should not be taken for granted.