Rhythms Performing Arts opened in September 2005 in Novato, California.


We offer dance classes in Dance, Music, and Theater for ages 3-Adult. 

We also produce musicals for kids ages 4-18.


 At Rhythms, our number one goal is to empower students to grow into happy, confident and successful adults.  We use performing arts as our tool to do this.  We strive to make our studio a place where all students feel welcome (regardless of ability, gender, race, sexual orientation or size).  It is our goal to help every student build self-esteem and feel a strong sense of community.    


We hope you will come perform with us and become part of our family!

What makes Rhythms unique?

  • Friendship
  • Well Rounded Performers
  • Community Service
  • Taking Performing Arts Beyond the Studio
  • Affordable and Appropriate Shows
  • Body Positivity
  • Performance That Inspires