Weekly Class Information - Ages 8-Adult

2019-2020 Schedule



Click here for a link to our current class schedule.  


Most studios charge separate registration, production, and costumes fees.  This year, we have made it simpler for parents by including all of these into the monthly tuition fees.  There will be no additional costs for registering, to perform, or for costumes.



1 weekly class: $74/month

2 weekly classes: $134/month

3 weekly classes: $180/month

4 weekly classes: $218/month

5 weekly classes: $254/month

6 weekly classes: $286/month

7 weekly classes: $302/month

8 weekly classes: $317/month

9 weekly classes: $328/month

10 weekly classes: $342/month

11 weekly classes: $374/month

12 weekly classes: $405/month



Example:  A student enrolled in Hip Hop A will attend 4 classes during the month and pay $74 for the entire month.



Click here for for a link to our studio policies for our weekly classes ages 8-adult.  Our policies include information on tuition, payment, registration fees, discounts, performance fees, dress code, and more!


We have classes for Adults!

Class Style Descriptions