Summer at Rhythms

Summer is quickly approaching and we have planned a summer packed with fun!


All of our summer programs will be offered in-person and outdoors at our studio.


Summer Programs

We will be holding our in-person camps in accordance with the Marin County safety guidelines.  All of our camps will be held outdoors in our parking lot (under a shade cover) and in stable cohorts.  Campers and leaders will be wearing masks and using social distance. 


Our camps are two or three weeks long and students should sign up fo the entire duration.  If room is available, we may be able to accommodate students who cannot come for the whole camp.

Mini Camps

Dance, Music, Acting, Art, Games - Two Weeks Each

Ages: 4-8, Cost: $415

Each two-week camp will feature a different fun theme.  As we prepare for our camp show, we will learn songs and scenes that fit our camp theme and each student will get their own part with lines to learn.  We will do tons of dancing, singing, and playing games.  We will also do crafts and games centering around our camp theme.


🏴‍☠️ Never Never Land: 6/14-6/24, M-Th, 10am-1pm🧚

🌹Beauty & the Beast: 6/28-7/8, M-Th, 10am-1pm 🪞

🐵 Jungle Fun: 7/12-7/22, M-Th, 10am-1pm🐍

🌈 Trolls: 8/2-8/12, M-Th, 10am-1pm 🎶

🦄 Unicorns & Dragons: 8/16-8/26, M-F, 3:15-5:30pm 🐉

Dance Camps

Dance, Art, Games - Two Weeks Each

Ages: 7-12, Cost: $415

Each two-week camp will feature a different fun theme.  As we prepare for our camp show, we will learn at least 4 dances that fit our camp theme.  Campers will get to try hip hop, jazz, contemporary, and character!  We will also do crafts and games centering around our camp theme and a walking field trip to a local treats place!


👗 Fashionistas: 6/14-6/24, M-Th, 2-5pm 👠

🧁 Sweet Surprises: 6/28-7/8, M-Th, 2-5pm🍦

🏀 HSM/GLEE: 8/2-8/12, M-Th, 2-5pm ❤️

🕶 Totally 80s: 8/16-8/26, M-F, 3:45-6pm 🏋️‍♀️




 During these camps we will rehearse and perform a hit musical!  More info soon about auditions!  Performances will happen outdoors at our studio for small audiences.


 👰 Mamma Mia 👰‍♀️

GRADES 9-12, 6/14-7/2, M-Th, 10am-4pm, $750

Performances 7/2 & 7/3 in the evening


 👙 High School Musical 2 👙 

GRADES 6-9, 7/5-7/22, M-Th, 10am-4pm, $750

Performances 7/22 and possibly 7/23 in the evening


 🧞‍♂️  Aladdin  🧞‍♂️

GRADES 3-6, 6/14-6/24, M-Th, 10am-4pm, $500 


Performances 6/24 in the afternoon and evening


 🍎 The Descendants  🍎

GRADES 3-6, 7/26-8/5, M-Th, 10am-4pm, $500 

Performances 8/5 in the afternoon and evening


Int/Adv Dance Camps


6:00-8:00pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Ages: 12+ (dance experience required)

$120 per camps


Each two week camp will include 4 styles such as Character, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary and be taught by awesome teachers and Rhythms alumni.  We will also work on technique!  Competition team dancers are required to take at least one of these camps.


 Session 1: 6/15-6/24, T & Th only

Session 2: 6/29-7/8,  T & Th only

Session 3: 8/3-8/12, M-Th,  T & Th only




Summer Policies


Payment for camps and workshops are due on the Friday before each camp begins.  (Musical tuition will be due at the time auditions are due to us.  More info on this soon). If you have a credit card on file, it will be charged at that time.  If you don't have a credit card on file, please call the studio.  After that time, refunds will not be given.  



Each camp must meet minimum required students a few days prior to camp beginning. If camp is cancelled, no payment will be due.


We apologize in advance should we need to change or cancel any summer camps — new guidelines may come out, and we may need to adapt or cancel our programs to meet these new guidelines.   We hope that any future changes won’t inconvenience you and your family. 



Some partial scholarships may be available.  Please email the studio to apply.