High School Level - Grades 9-12

Our high school classes will be held indoors and we ask that all students be fully vaccinated.    

Our competition team students need to enroll in at least 4 hours of dance classes per week in addition to their weekly competition rehearsal.


January 24 - June 3;

No classes February 20-27 or April 3-10. (17 weeks of classes)


All high school classes will perform in our Spring Recitals on June 5!


Each class is paid for in 4 installments.  The first payment will be automatically charged a week before classes begin. These remaining installments will be charged during the first week of March, April, and May.  (no payment in June).  There are no additional performance, costume or registration fees.  Prices include a show t-shirt that you get to keep!  



For students who can only take once per week in a class offered twice per week, the cost is 60% of the regular rate.  Ex.  If class meets twice per week and cost is $100, the cost to take the class once per week is $60.

High School Dance Classes


All high school classes are for students in grades 9-12 with at least 3 years of dance experience unless otherwise noted below.  All pointe class require teacher permission.


High School Class Pricing:

30 minute classes: 4 payments of $50

45 minute classes: 4 payments of $70

60 minutes classes: 4 payments of $80



Students who enroll in 5 hours or more per week will receive a $25 discount per month.

Students who enroll in over 6 hours or more per week will receive a $50 discount per month.

These discounts do not include competition rehearsals or musicals.  

We do offer some discounts for musicals as well.  Check the musical info pages for that info.




Monday 6:45-7:15: Pre-Pointe with Deanna  (No charge for those taking Pointe 1 or 2)


Monday 6:45-7:45: High School Ballet with Paige


Monday 7:45-8:30: Pointe 1/2 with Deanna 



Tuesday 7:00-7:30: Pre-Pointe with Deanna (No charge for those taking Pointe 1 or 2)


Tuesday 7:30-8:30: Pointe 1/2 with Deanna 



Wednesday 6-7:  Stretch and Technique with Paige


Wednesday 7-8: Jazz A with Debbie 

Wednesday 7-8: Modern with Paige


Thursday 5:30-6:00: Tap with Debbie (ALL LEVELS!)


Thursday 6-7: Broadway Dance with Kate

Thursday 6-7: Contemporary with Debbie


Thursday 7-8: Contemporary with Paige

Thursday 7-8: Jazz B With Debbie


Saturday 9:30-10:00: Pre-Pointe with Deanna  (No charge for those taking Pointe 1 or 2)


Saturday 10-11am: Ballet with Deanna


Saturday 11-11:45: Pointe 1 with Deanna 


Saturday 11:45-12:30: Pointe 2 with Deanna 



High School Musical -                  A Chorus Line

4:00-6:00 Wednesdays &

11am-1:30 Saturdays


Session Cost: 3 payments of $220


Teacher: Kate & Amanda


Students will perform the hit musical, A Chorus Line  For more information on the musical, please click here.  Auditions are complete; please email the studio to participate.

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