Elementary Level - Grades 3-5

For our elementary aged students we have the following offerings:

  • Elementary Dance & Broadway
  • Elementary Tap 
  • Elementary Cheer Dancing
  • Boys Hip Hop
  • Kids Jazz & Hip Hop
  • Triple Threat (Act, Sing, Dance!) - 4th/5th only
  • Mini Musical - Welcome to Holiday Land
  • Musical - Moana

January 24 - June 3;

No classes February 20-27 or April 3-10. (That's 17 weeks of classes)


All classes will perform in our winter showcase on June 4/5!


Each class is paid for in 4 installments.  The first payment will be automatically charged a week before classes begin. These remaining installments will be charged during the first week of March, April, and May.  (no payment in June).  There are no additional performance, costume or registration fees.  Prices include a show t-shirt that you get to keep!  



For students who can only take once per week in a class offered twice per week, the cost is 60% of the regular rate.  Ex.  If class meets twice per week and cost is $100, the cost to take the class once per week is $60.

Elementary Dance & Broadway

4:00-5:15 on Mondays  AND

3:15-4:30 Wednesdays 


Session Cost: 4 payments of $215


Teacher: Leah & Kate


Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary on Mondays and on Wednesdays Acting, Singing, and Broadway Dancing.  A great class for the kid who is interested in all of it!  


Elementary Tap

3:30-4:00 Mondays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $50


Teacher: Debbie


Tap class for beginners.  Work on rhythm and precision.  Tap dancing is a great addition for all dancers!  This class will perform on Sunday, June 5th.


Boys Hip Hop

5:00-5:30 Tuesdays 


Session Cost: 4 payments of $50


Teacher: Paige


A fun upbeat hip hop and jazz combo class.  This class is for boys ages 5-10.  This class begins February 7.  Also we will have class on Feb 22 even though the rest of the studio is closed.

Kids Hip Hop & Jazz

4:45-5:30 Tuesdays & Thursdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $130


Teacher: Debbie


A fun upbeat hip hop and jazz combo class.  This class is for kids ages 5-10. If you are only interested in taking one day a week, contact the studio.  We may be able to allow that.  This class performs on Saturday, June 4th.


Elementary/Middle School Cheer Dancing

5:30-6:15 Wednesdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $70


Teacher: Debbie


In this class we will ra ra ra our way to fun!  We will do strong, precise movements using sparkly pom poms and dance like the cheerleaders you see on TV!  This class will perform on Sunday, June 5th.


Triple Threat (4th & 5th Only)

5:30-6:30 Thursdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $80


Teacher: Amanda


Do you love to act, sing, and dance?  This class is for you!  In this class we do lots of acting exercises and games, plus we learn numbers from hit broadway shows like Hamilton and Matilda!


Mini Musical - Welcome to Holiday Land

For full info on this, click here! 


4:15-5:30 Thursdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $145


Teacher: Kate & Amanda


Students will rehearse and perform a short musical called "Welcome to Holiday Land," a magical place where every day is a holiday!  Everyone will get a special role to play and lines to learn.  This musical is for students in Preschool - 5th grade, but rehearsals are divided up by age.  Get more details by clicking here!  This class will perform on Saturday, June 4th.


Musical - Moana

Click this link for full info!


Tuesdays & Fridays 


Session Cost: 3 payments of $220


Teacher: Kate & Amanda


For students in 4th grade and above. Students will rehearse and perform the Disney hit musical "Moana." Musical auditions will be January 11th.  Please see all details by clicking here!  This musical performs in April!


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