Rhythms Safety Procedures



Please remember, we are a community and we all need to protect each other.  If your child is feeling at all sick or exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, please, please stay home.   



We will be outside, so you'll be dressing differently than you usually would.  Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving and grooving in!  For most classes we recommend comfortable sneakers instead of dance shoes.  For tap, you'll be tapping on a wooden board so you can wear tap shoes.  At times it may get hot or cold so be prepared.  We will have shade but you may want to wear sunscreen anyway.   




  • Water Bottle (we will not be providing water)
  • Mask
  • Sweatshirt of some kind in case it gets chilly!  Sunscreen is optional
  • Your own hand sanitizer if you prefer your own



The parking lot has now become our studio, so do not try to pull into it.  Use the parking on the street instead.   The regular drop off procedure will be that parents will stay in their cars.  If you need to park further away, feel free to walk your child to the parking lot area.  


Kids will walk up to the parking lot, Megan (our office manager) will take their temperature and check them in.   Your child must have a temp of under 100 to be allowed to participate each day.  


On the first day of class, you are allowed to park and walk your child up yourself, just remember to wear your mask.  

 Parents are not allowed to stay and watch, due to current restrictions. If your child is nervous, don’t worry - we are great at making them feel at home!


For pick up, it would be easiest if you wave from your window, and we send your child to your parked car so you don’t have to get out.  If someone other than you will be picking up, please let us know in advance.  If you need to park further away, feel free to walk up to the parking lot area.



Students will use hand sanitizer on their way in and out of class.  We will have it ready to go, but you can also bring your own if you prefer.



Masks are required for students, except when doing vigorous exercise.  Teachers will tell students if this is allowed, but staff will keep their mask on at all times.  Students are allowed to step far away from other students and take a mask break if needed.  We recommend you experiment with some different styles of masks and practice dancing in them so your child is comfortable.



Students will be socially distanced as often as possible. 



Students will be allowed to use the bathroom at Rhythms.  However,  we ask that you remind your student to use the bathroom at home before arriving to cut down on the the spread of germs. 



tPer the Marin County Health & Human Services Guidelines, children are allowed to participate in two social/activity cohorts at this time.  That means they can participate in two cohorts at Rhythms or one at Rhythms and one elsewhere.  The county now allows us to choose our own cohort size based on our activity.  We have decided to keep each cohort at up to 16-17 children.   Because we have a small staff, most of our teachers will teach more than one cohort, but we have cut down on that as much as possible. We know this is pretty confusing, so just email us your specific questions.



We will be cleaning and disinfecting all shared spaces including bathrooms multiple times a day.  Any shared equipment (chairs, barres) will be cleaned after each use.



If your student has any symptoms of COVID-19, they are not allowed to come to classes or rehearsals.  

Please let us know immediately if your child or someone in your household tests positive.  We will notify the County of Marin and follow their guidelines.  You will be notified if a student or household member of a student in your child's cohort has tested positive for Covid. 


For our full site protection plan, click here. 


We want to make sure every family understands and is comfortable with our safety procedures.  

Don't hesitate to call if you have a question.