Rhythms Company 2020-2021

Interested in auditioning for company?  Here's what you need to know!


Being in company is a big commitment, a great learning experience, a wonderful way to make new friends, and a ton of fun!


Please review this information and feel free to let us know if you have any questions!


Students who wish to audition for company must fill out the online audition form by August 10.  Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdr3a2rNhc50M0NIbMkSwxb1Rl_PH-b7v3d9KATVeEf0ojSZQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


The Company will be announced Wednesday, August 12th in the evening.  We will send out an email to everyone who auditioned and their parents with the list of students who will be in next year’s Company.


What Is Company?

Company is an opportunity for those students who want to perform more, be a leader in our studio community, and get to spend more time with their studio friends.  The group will be doing a number of performances throughout the year at both big and small venues.  They will also get to help plan Rhythms activities for the whole studio and have special field trips and bonding activities.  


The group is for dedicated students because the students need to be skilled and be quick to learn.  Although students DO improve their technique throughout the year, that is not the aim of company.  This is why we require students to take other classes to work on their technique.  Company students instead get very good at learning to adapt to every new venue and situation.  We learn a lot of numbers very quickly and then re-stage them for every show we perform.   Students also get to be part of the choreography process as sometimes we leave it up to them to re-stage their numbers for the shows.  


This year we are planning on having two levels of company - JV and Varsity.  We will mostly be dancing but will also do some solo singing for students who are interested.  If students are primarily dancers and nervous about singing or vice versa, don’t fret.  The company will be able to use everyone’s unique talents!


Who Can Audition for Company

Must be entering grades 4-12 in September 2020



Video Auditions - Due August 10th

We will post a video here by August 1st with instructions. You'll record yourself doing the dance and submit it by August 10.


You can also sing a song if you like (1 minute or less) and add that to your audition video. 


Please sign up using the online audition form by August 10.






Company Summer Rehearsal: All company members will begin the year with five days of camp to get a head start on all of the material we need to learn.  This camp is mandatory!  Camp is August 17-21 from 5:30-7:30.  

Summer camp tuition ($150) is not included in your company fees.



Regular weekly rehearsals will run from September-May.


All company members will rehearse on Fridays for 1.25 hours.  We have decided to shorten rehearsals to allow kids more time to do homework and participate in other activities.


We will have also not have rehearsals during weeks when we do not have regular Rhythms classes.  Before big shows, rehearsals may be extended.  We have budgeted for 28 rehearsals throughout the year so there will be some weeks without rehearsals.





Company will likely have the following performances

  • Retirement Home Show
  • Mall Show
  • Community Show
  • Celebrity Dance Competition (2 pieces per dancer)
  • 1 Year End Rhythms Performance (ex. Recital, showcase)
  • Company Gala


Company members are expected to try to attend all performances, but we understand that scheduling conflicts may come up.  Company members who miss more than one performance may not be allowed to compete in the dance competition.

Parents will be required to drive to at least 1 show during our season.

We do not have a calendar of events yet.  We will try to have the show dates ready in August, but it can be very difficult to schedule so early with the variety of venues.  If you have a venue for the company to perform at, please let us know ASAP.  


Of course, due to Covid-19, this is a strange time and we can't predict the future.  We are basing our schedule off of what we have done in the past, but may need to adjust due to safety guidelines.



Other Bonding Events

A big part of company is bonding with the other company members.  Company members really love opportunities for friendship building!   We will again have a camping trip, early in the year, if safety guidelines allow.  We will probably do a holiday shopping trip, a movie night, and a couple other fun adventures.  We are open to all of your ideas!  




We will be taking company to compete at one dance competition (they also allow singing numbers!). This competition will be in San Rafael on April 16-18.  Please reserve that entire weekend.  



Company Fees


What your Company Fees Include:

  • Weekly Company Rehearsal: September-May (28 weeks total)
  • Camping Trip and other Bonding Events
  • Competition Fees
  • Admin Fees (prep and organization time for coaches, staff, and bookkeeping)
  • Staff Event Expenses (for staff wages during events like shows, trips, camping, etc.)

What your Company Fees DO NOT INCLUDE:

  • Company Shirt and Hoodie (returning students can wear last year’s or purchase a new one.  New students MUST buy a shirt, appr. $20)
  • Base Costume ($40) if you have one that fits from last year, you do not need to purchase again
  • Summer Company Camp ($150)


Your total fee for company is $495

Divided over 9 months: $55 per month (September through May, 9 months)

Even if your child cannot attend some of the events throughout the year, their company fees remain the same.


Fee Policies:

Company is a YEAR LONG COMMITMENT.  If for some reason your child is unable to continue with company you will still owe your fees through May. 


The 9 month company fee is non-refundable.  If a student cannot finish out the year, you still owe this monthly fee.  We highly, highly discourage anyone from quitting company.  It is very difficult on the group as a whole and teaches your child that they don’t need to fulfill the commitments they make.




Team Parents

We will be looking for parents to act as team parents.  These parents would be in charge of organizing food for some of the events, help with the planning of the camping trip and other company bonding events.  If you are interested in being a Company Team Parent, please indicate that on the contract.



Company Requirements and Expectations


Each company student is required to take one of the following 2 options:

  • 3 weekly classes at Rhythms; one class must be a ballet class.  (This class requirement does not include weekly company classes on Friday). 


  • Two Rhythms Musicals during the between September and June 


Good attendance is a must.  If we feel that a student misses too many classes (especially ballet), or musical rehearsals there may be consequences.


All students are required to attend all company classes.


All students will be expected to attend all company performances and go to the competition


Company members must participate in at least 3 Rhythms events during the year including Rhythms nights, field trips, slumber party, etc.… This shows the other students that you are committed not only to Company, but to the entire studio.


We also highly encourage our Company members to become class assistants or office assistants.  This teaches them good leadership skills and how to be good role models.


A zero tolerance policy is taken when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Any Company member found using these substances, during a company trip or otherwise, will face severe consequences and removal from the Company.


Company members are expected to be kind and considerate to every other company member.  In company we are ALL friends regardless of which classes we take, how old we are, or what school we attend.


Students may be monitored on social media.  Anything that is not allowed inside Rhythms will also not be allowed on social media.  That means we do not say negative things about the studio or anyone at the studio online… even in a joking way.  Be respectful and kind even online.  You are also not allowed to post any photos or posts that are vulgar or dangerous in any way.  The coaches reserve the right to remove students from the company who we feel are not being appropriate online.


We believe that Company members should be good role models for our other students and carry themselves in a respectful manner at all times.  They should be good representatives of Rhythms Performing Arts and represent our studio in a positive way.  This means that these students must participate 100% in all of their classes, be kind to fellow students, helpful to their teachers, and hardworking at all times.  Being a Company member is an honor and a privilege and should not be taken for granted.