Crazy for You

Come see our performances of Crazy for You!


City slicker falls for hometown girl in this ebullient romantic comedy featuring cowboys, showgirls, high-energy production numbers, and a glorious score from George and Ira Gershwin.


Performances: at Novato Theater Company, 5420 Nave Drive


February 16 - 7:00pm (Thursday), Deadrock Cast

February 17 - 7:00pm (Friday), New York Cast

February 18 - 1:00pm (Saturday), New York Cast

February 18 - 7:00pm (Saturday), Deadrock Cast

February 19 - 1:00pm (Sunday), Deadrock Cast

February 19 -  5:30pm (Sunday), New York Cast



Deadrock Cast:

Bobby: Gaby O'Brien

Polly: Luci Rizzo

Bela: Maddy Lindberg

Irene: Taylor Lindberg

Tess: Mia O'Brien

Patsy: Vivie Jones


New York Cast:

Bobby: Leah Nemerovski

Polly: Prim Seratt

Bela: Kai Dove

Irene: Monica Sanford

Tess: Kylee Ogden

Patsy: Vanessa Reyes


Same role in every show:

Lank: Adi Hirasaki

Everett: Marguerite Marley

Mitzi: Moira Dolan

Mother: Venus Jacobs

Patricia: Lilah Harrington

Eugene: George Pringle

Moose: Annabelle Brownfield

Mingo: Makena Alcazar

Sam: Riley Keenan

Susie: Lily Green