Beauty and the Beast





Fri Nov 12, 2021 - Sun Nov 14, 2021

The Musical Performances are at the San Anselmo Playhouse: 27 Kensington Road, San Anselmo, CA 94960.




Mandatory, no exceptions


--- Must show proof of vaccination for anyone 12 or over when arriving at the show. (Picture Of or Physical Card) (Please note that youth under 12 are allowed to attend, even with no vaccination.). 


---Anyone who does not have proof of their vaccination card (Picture Of or Physical Card) will not be permitted into the theater, even if you have a ticket purchased. (Tickets are Non-Refundable.) Everyone needs that in order to enter to watch the show. Thank you for your understanding!


---Everyone must be fully masked at all times.

Please Note:  Performers will remove masks while performing.


CROISSANTS CAST - Friday 11/12 at 7pm & Sunday 11/14 at 11am

Belle: Vivi Jones

Beast: Ruby Hudlow

Gaston: Annabelle Brownfield

Mrs. Potts: Makena Alcazar

Cogsworth: Allegra Lee

Lumiere: Skye Brown

Chip: Norah DeVita


CREPES CAST - Saturday 11/13 at 7pm & Sunday 11/14 at 4pm

Belle: Mia O’Brien

Beast: Mikayla Jacobs

Gaston: Prim Seratt

Mrs Potts: Ella Covert

Cogsworth: Mia Keenan

Lumiere: Lily Green

Chip: Miles Hanley


Questions – call: (415) 898-9717 or email: