In-Person Camps and Classes


We will be holding our in-person camps in accordance with the Marin County safety guidelines and our own safety guidelines (which actually take safety a step further!).  All of our in-person camps and classes will be held outdoors in our parking lot (under a shade cover) and in groups of less than 12 kids each.  Campers and leaders will be required to wear masks and stay socially distanced as much as possible during camps. Masks are not required while dancing or when the weather makes them unsafe.


Each camp  is three weeks long (as is required by the county guidelines), and students must sign up fo the entire three weeks.  Students should not be concurrently enrolled in any others camps, at Rhythms or any other location - per county requirements.  You may sign up for various camps throughout the summer, as long as they don’t happen during the same three week period.



Here's a list of all that we are offering by date, click on each camp name for details! 



JULY 6-24:


AUGUST 17-21:



Summer Policies



Payment for camps and workshops are on the Friday before each camp begins.  After that time, refunds will not be given.  



Each camp must meet minimum required students a few days prior to camp beginning. If camp is cancelled, no payment will be due.


We apologize in advance should we need to change or cancel any summer camps — new guidelines may come out, and we may need to adapt or cancel our programs to meet these new guidelines.   We hope that any future changes won’t inconvenience you and your family. 



Some partial scholarships may be available.  Please email the studio to apply.