High School Level - Grades 9-12

For our high school aged students we have the following offerings:

  • High School Dance A
  • High School Dance B
  • High School Tap 
  • High School Ballet 
  • High School Hip Hop 
  • Musical

March 8-June 5; no classes April 4-11. (That's 12 weeks of classes)


Each activity is its own cohort unless specified above.  Remember, kids are allowed to be in two cohorts TOTAL (at Rhythms or anywhere else - online doesn't count.)  See details on each below!


All classes will perform in our spring recital and have a fun party on the last class.  Every student will also get a special recital t-shirt included in their class fees.

High School Dance A

6:00-8:00 Tuesdays & Thursdays


Session Cost: 3 payments of $270


Teacher: Zoe, Debbie, & Stephanie


Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Stretch/Turn/Leap


This class is for students in grades 9-12 (8th graders in competition dance only)

High School Dance B

6:00-8:00 Tuesdays & Thursdays


Session Cost: 3 payments of $270


Teacher: Zoe, Debbie, & Kate


Jazz, Contemporary, Character, Stretch/Turn/Leap


This class is for students in grades 9-12 (8th graders in competition dance only)


High School Tap

6:00-6:45  Wednesdays


Session Cost: 3 payments of $50


Teacher: Debbie


Tap class for intermediate to advanced students.  This is an add-on class for the students in High School B.


High School Ballet Technique

6:45-7:30  Wednesdays


Session Cost: 3 payments of $45


Teacher: Stephanie


Students who would like to take pointe must also take this ballet technique class.  This class WILL NOT perform in the recital as we will only have time for technique.


High School Hip Hop

5:15-6:00  Wednesdays


Session Cost: 3 payments of $25


Teacher: Camilla


And add-on Hip Hop class for any of the students in the High School A Dance group.  These students are the same cohort as High School Dance A so students can sign up for both and it will only count as 1 activity cohort. 


High School Musical

4:15-5:55 Thursdays & 11am-1:30 Saturdays

Session Cost: 3 payments of $275


Teacher: Kate


Students will rehearse & perform a fun musical.  Everyone will get a great part, since we are a small group!  We think we will be doing the show Chicago.  

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