Fall Policies



September 7 - January 21 (17 weeks of classes)

No classes - November 22-27 or December 20-January 1



All classes will perform in one of our Winter Showcases on January 22 or 23 (except for Beauty and Beast & Addams Family) 



Payment is broken up into 4 installments.  These installments will be automatically charged during the first week of September, October, November and December.  (no payment in January).  We ask that you be sure your credit card is correct in the registration website when registering.  Please email the studio if you cannot pay by credit card.  Refunds are not available once classes have begun.



Beauty and the Beast and Addams Family follow a slightly different schedule as well as a different payment structure.  Please read about that on their individual web pages.  These classes also do not perform in the winter showcase as they have their own performances.



We offer a family discount of 10% for families with two or more students enrolled.  The discount should apply automatically; if not, please contact studio to have it applied.



If class is cancelled (due to rain, extreme temperatures, smoke, Covid-19, or other unforeseen circumstances) we will instead have class on zoom until it is safe to return or will schedule a makeup class, likely on a weekend.  We do not offer refunds if your child cannot continue with the class.  Rhythms will not be stating hard and fast rules for cancelling class due to these circumstances.  Instead, we will make our decisions based on a number of factors and will let you know by about 1pm if classes will be on Zoom instead of in-person.  



We ask that everyone joins our Rhythms Family GroupMe chat.  GroupMe is an app that we can use to text all of our studio families quickly and send reminders when needed.  It is a free app, so we ask that you download it. We will email out the link to our group chat about a week before classes begin.  We will email the link out about a week before classes begin.



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