Middle School Level - Grades 6-8

For our middle school aged students we have the following offerings:

  • Middle School Dance
  • Middle School Tap
  • Middle School Stretch, Turn, Leap
  • Middle School Broadway
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Pre-Pointe
  • Pointe 1
  • Cheer Dance
  • Toy Story Production Class
  • Contemporary/HH Fusion
  • Contemporary Choreography
  • Adaptive Dance - For students with Special Needs
  • Musical - Elf The Musical


Our fall session runs September 6 - January 26 (18 weeks of classes)

No classes -

November 21-27 (Thanksgiving Break) or

December 23-January 8 (Winter Break)



All middle school classes will perform in our Winter showcase performances on Saturday, January 28.  Elf The Musical performs in December.



Classes will be held in-person and indoors.  We do not plan on students being required to wear masks, but may change our policy if recommended by the county.



Each class is paid for in 4 installments that are due on September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1.  There is no charge in January.  There are no additional fees, this cost includes:  Registration Fee, Tuition, Performance Fee, Costume Fee, Rhythms T-shirt, and Performance Digital Video.  See our studio policies page for more information. 



We HIGHLY recommend taking these classes on both days as the classes were created this way to help students experience the most growth as performers.  However, for students who can only take once per week in a class offered twice per week, the cost is 60% of the regular rate.  Ex.  If class meets twice per week and cost is $100, the cost to take the class once per week is $60.  

Middle School Dance

3:45-5:15 Mondays &

4:30-6:00 Thursdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $235


Teachers: Paige, Lindy, & Kate


Classes in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Character.

Middle School Tap


3:45-4:30 Thursdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $70


Teacher: Paige


A classic tap class for intermediate students.  Those students who'd like to start tap for the first time are also welcome to sign up! 

Middle School Stretch,Turn, Leap

5:15-6:00 Mondays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $70


Teacher: Paige


Work all your skills, get more flexible, learn new dance tricks!  Highly recommended for those who want to push toward the next level. 

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

10:00-11:00am Saturdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $80


Teacher: Deanna


A classic ballet class with barre, crossfloors, and center work.  Students who would like to take pre-pointe or pointe must also take this ballet class.  



9:30-10:00 Saturdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $55 


Teacher: Deanna


Students who would like to take pre-pointe must also take ballet class and have permission from the instructor.

Please email the studio for more information.


Middle School Cheer Dance

4:45-5:30 Tuesdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $70


Teacher: Megan L (Jr Instructor)


In this class we will ra ra ra our way to fun!  We will do strong, precise movements using sparkly pom poms and dance like the cheerleaders you see on TV!


Middle School Broadway

5:30-6:30 Thursdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $80


Teacher: Amanda


Do you love to act, sing, and dance?  This class is for you!  In this class we hone our skills and get out of our shell through acting exercises and theater games, plus we learn numbers from hit broadway shows like Hamilton and Matilda!

Production - Toy Story

6:00-7:00 Thursdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $80


Teacher: Kate


In this class we will put together a really fun production number for the recital and it will be TOY STORY themed.  This class is for 4th-12th graders to promote community at the studio!  Let's get creative and make something really fun!  

Contemporary Hip Hop Fusion

4:00-5:00 Fridays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $80


Teacher: Deanna


It's a mashup!  This class combines two awesome styles into one awesome class.  It is only open to middle schoolers on the competition team or with special permission. Email the studio for more info. 

Contemporary Choreography

5:00-6:00 Fridays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $80


Teacher: Deanna


In this class we will work together to choreograph our own amazing contemporary number for the recital.  We will also have time to work on flexibility.  This class is only open to middle schoolers on the competition team or with special permission.


Adaptive Dance

5:00-5:30 Tuesdays


Session Cost: 4 payments of $55


Teacher: Paige


Adaptive Dance introduces the basics of dance through creative movement to children with special needs in a fun and inviting atmosphere where all dancers will feel accepted and comfortable learning the art of dance. The goal of this program is to build body awareness, muscle memory, strength, balance, focus, and above all to have fun!

Musical - Elf

Click this link for full info!


Tuesdays & Fridays 4:15 - 6:30pm


Session Cost: 3 payments of $223


Teacher: Kate & Amanda


For students in 4th grade and above. Students will rehearse and perform the hit musical "ELF" which is based on the Hollywood Blockbuster! Musical auditions will be September 6th. This musical performs in December!  Please see all details by clicking here! 

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