Elementary Level - Grades 3-5

For our elementary aged students we have the following offerings:

  • Elementary Dance
  • Elementary Tap (same cohort as elementary dance, add-on class)
  • Kids Hip Hop
  • Musical (In Person)
  • Musical (Online)

Classes September 14 - November 7.


Each activity is its own cohort unless specified above.  Remember, kids are allowed to be in two cohorts TOTAL (at Rhythms or anywhere else - online class do not count.)  See details on each below!

Elementary Dance

3:00-4:10 Wednesdays & Thursdays


Session Cost: 2 payments of $170


Teacher: Sydney


Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Character.  Lots of fun dance combos and new skills!


Elementary Tap

4:10-5:05 Wednesdays


Session Cost: 2 payments of $70


Teacher: Sydney


Tap class for beginners and those continuing.  These students are the same cohort as Elementary Dance and Elementary Stretch so students can sign up for all three and it will only count as 1 activity cohort.


Kids Hip Hop

4:15-4:55 Mondays


Session Cost: 2 payments of $50


Teacher: Dana


An upbeat Hip Hop class!  This class is for kids ages 5-10.


Primary/Elementary In Person Musical - Peter Pan

9:30-10:55 Saturdays


Session Cost: 2 payments of $120


Teacher: Kate


Students will rehearse and perform a shortened musical. Everyone will get a special role to play and lines to learn.

Primary/Elementary Online Musical - The Show Must Go Online

4:15-5:45 Mondays & Wednesdays


Session Cost: 2 payments of $200


Teacher: Amanda & Kate


Rehearse and perform a musical completely online!

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